Activity Monitoring

We understand you can’t always look after your loved ones as much as you’d like, particularly if you live in different towns or you’re just busy with work & caring for your immediate family.

We can help.

We have two products that enable you to monitor the daily activities of your loved one using discreet sensors and an APP.

The sensors “track” movement so you can see patterns of activity – such as getting out of bed in the morning & using the bathroom, making a cup of tea or opening the fridge.

As well as letting you see for yourself in real-time that your loved one is OK and moving about, it will also show you what they’re not doing – we can put a sensor on the fridge so you know if they’re eating & drinking throughout the day. We can send an alert if they haven’t got out of bed that morning or if they’ve spent more time than expected on the couch.  You know your loved one best – so you can set “rules” that work for you.

The more advanced of the two systems is similar but uses Artificial Intelligence to not just track daily activity, but to learn from it and alert you to changes in activity – for example – taking longer to get out of bed, going to the bathroom more frequently (which may indicate a UTI which can lead to a fall).

Featured in What Next’s Plan B with John Campbell and Nigel Latta SECURELY® medical alarms enable seniors to have a new lease on life,  a life they choose, living in their own homes for longer. SECURELY® General Manager, Mark Smith, explains the unique features of the MSD approved SECURELY® medical alarm platform.


This extraordinary system enables your loved one to remain at home & independent for longer with 24/7 monitoring & text alerts that signal a change in activity level or unexpected behaviour.


The FAMILY system is designed to do two things:

  1. Enable people to remain at home longer with a safety net that consists of a medical alarm, an APP that allows you to monitor activity in real-time, with 24/7 monitoring in the event of an emergency.  Additional equipment can be added, for example, an emergency response pendant. Medical alarm pendants occur an additional cost.
  2. Provide peace of mind to family members who worry about their loved one, particularly if they live alone, and the knowledge that your loved one is moving around, eating & drinking & using the bathroom, with “expected levels of activity” determined by rules you set


FAMILY is very affordable at only $60 per fortnight.

This cost includes:

  • lease of equipment & APP
  • installation & servicing
  • unlimited ambulances in  the event of an emergency
  • 24/7 monitoring by our Monitoring Centre in Levin

Key features include:

An “awake and active” text to nominated people every morning. This lets you know they’re awake & moving about the house

Discreet sensors which show activity

Rules which trigger a text message if an activity is not what you’re expecting. This can include:

  • External door opening in the middle of the night
  • Fridge door not opening for a long period of time (indicating a lack of eating or drinking)
  • Too long spent in the lounge or bedroom without moving
  • Lack of external door opening during daylight hours which may indicate lack of visitors of getting out & about. We know that social isolation is a real issue facing our seniors enabling you to have a discussion about visitors or the need for more socialising.


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Dr Clem says the PRO made an enormous difference to his family, changing them from “exhausted caregivers to loving children”


This systems builds on  FAMILY but uses additional sensors and Artificial Intelligence to “learn” patterns of activity & alert to the possibility of deteriorating health with a text alert. It does everything FAMILY does, but collects more data and greater use of intelligent technology.


It does three things:

  1. Enables early medical intervention when AI alerts to a change in activity that we may not ourselves pick up from looking at the daily activity patterns
  2. Provide the highest level of remote monitoring by family or a caregiver without having a live-in caregiver 24/7 or a move to from the family home into residential care
  3. The data may be provided (with consent) to the family member’s GP to aid assessment prior to moving into residential care or further discussions about increased in-home support

PRO is very affordable at only $98 per fortnight.

This cost includes:

  • lease of equipment & APP
  • installation & servicing
  • unlimited ambulances in  the event of an emergency
  • 24/7 monitoring by our Monitoring Centre in Levin

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