Price Change FAQs

SECURELY® has maintained its existing pricing for a number of years without change.  During that time our costs have increased, such as the increase in hourly minimum wage rates and significant increases to security guard callouts.  We had scheduled a price increase in 2020 but delayed this because of COVID-19. 

With the next increase in minimum hourly wage taking effect on 1st April 2021, we can no longer hold back a price increase. 

The price increase is effective from 01 May 2021 and will show on any bill from that date forward. 

Currently, our customers pay by either DD or Automatic Payment (AP). The key difference is a DD will adjust to pick up the invoiced amount on a monthly basis without requiring you to make any changes. An AP is for a set amount agreed between the bank and you, our customer, and must be updated by you when a change is required. 

DD is a hassle-free option so we’re offering it to all our customers. 

  • If you currently pay by Direct Debit – you don’t need to do anything further.  We will update your payment amount. 
  • If you currently pay by Automatic Payment (or AP), you will need to advise your Bank or go on to the Bank’s online portal and update your payment to the new amount from your letter/email.   

Call us on 0800 904 904 and we will find the best person for you to talk to. 

Our Terms and Conditions allow us to change pricing if we have provided at least one months’ noticeOur current Terms and Conditions supersede any previous versions and contracts.  Our Terms and Conditions can be found on our website:   

The price charged to SECURELY® by the guard companies actually increased some time ago, but SECURELY® continued to charge call-outs at the old rates because of COVID-19.  We are now addressing this and updating our charges to reflect the cost of providing this service. All guard calls billed by SECURELY® will be charged at $95.00 including GST from the 01st May 2021.  

We have tried to think of every burning question you may have.

If we’ve missed something on our Q&A list please contact us on 0800 904 904 or email and we will answer it for you.