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MD Sense

If you don’t like wearing a pendant you can install MD Sense in your home.

This wireless fall sensor uses artificial intelligence to detect a fall and call for help.

MD Sense can be installed in all of the home’s main spaces and can tell the difference between people and animals. It works in sunlight or total darkness, is easy to install and works off batteries.

MD Sense is the perfect solution for your home or retirement village.

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Get moving with GO 


GO is a mobile personal help device with cellular and global positioning system (GPS) technology. It can be used in the home or anywhere there is cellular coverage.

This medical alarm pendant is mobile and let’s you feel safe anywhere there’s cellphone coverage.  We’ve searched to find a mobile medical alarm pendant that has superior battery life, the easiest charging station, as well as all the other features you’d expect with a medical alarm. Another consideration for us when choosing this product was it’s affordability.