Copper Landline Changes FAQ's

What are the changes being made to the copper landlines?

Chorus are upgrading New Zealand to fibre and over time are retiring the copper landline services. These changes will affect all copper landlines no matter who provides your telephone or broadband service. In order to ensure your alarm can continue to connect and send signals to us, SECURELY® can provide options to future proof your alarm.

Why are these changes being made to the copper landlines?

New Zealand’s copper phone network is over 30 years old and the telephone exchange equipment is also being upgraded to deliver services digitally. The new system is a more resilient digital technology that is used around the world.

Will the change to copper landlines affect my security system?

Yes, it likely will. You may need to install a cellular communicator into your current system. Give us a call on 0800 904 904 to see if this option is suitable for your alarm.

Will I have to pay for anything once the copper landlines have been changed?

There may be some cost involved once the changes have been implemented, however, SECURELY® is looking at options to help you keep your alarm operating. If you have any other questions, feel free to phone us on 0800 904 904 or email