Medical Alarm Equipment

Medical Pendant can be worn as a necklace or as a watch using our wrist strap option


Peace of mind with passive and active alerting features.

Our Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) consists of a pendant and a control panel that has 24/7 monitoring and emergency response. PERS can easily be upgraded by adding on other options as your needs change. These options include Emergency Voice Activation Units and our patented Fall Detector Pendant. We call this PERS+.


Enables family/whānau to proactively care for loved ones.

SECURELY®’s Family steps up active care. Using passive activity monitoring, Family connects with family/whānau using text messages based on agreed and pre-defined daily activities, for example:

  • Sending an awake and well message when users rise in the morning; or
  • Alerting family if a door stays open too long or is opened at an unexpected hour

Just right when there’s one or more than one person living at home. It provides an advanced system that provides real time updates about health and safety of loved ones to family, every day.

  • A flexible solution with adaptable professional monitoring
  • Provides real-time activity reports
  • Automatically alerts to hazards or worsening health
  • Provides urgent or emergency response via the SECURELY® monitoring center


Seamless monitoring and alerts to changes in routine.

SECURELY® PRO is next level and delivers a state of the art, professional, intelligent home care monitoring solution. This analytics-based home activity monitoring platform represents a paradigm shift in care and monitors users’ day to day and highlights any changes in routine that may signal a deterioration in health or potential event, such as a fall. Family/whānau and care providers receive alerts to changes.

PRO also provides;

  • Passive fall detection even if pendant is not worn
  • Learns and adapts to daily behaviour
  • Smart alerts for family/whānau
  • Expandable to include additional sensors for extra safety
  • Professional monitoring for emergencies

SECURELY® PRO is relevant for a person with health issues who wants to live as independently as possible by enabling timely intervention if a senior or disabled person’s health and habits change.

Fall Detector Pendant


SECURELY®’s patented Fall Detector Pendant activates when it detects the crumpling motion of some falls and automatically alerts our Response Center.

Emergency Voice Activator


The SECURELY® Emergency Voice Activator is a wireless smart emergency response device with Intelligent Voice Activation technology. It provides as added layer of care by allowing people to call for help when unable to press their panic button. Our 24/7 Customer Response team can talk to users wherever the EVA is, even if the main alarm is at the other end of the house.

Jewellery Pendant


Pearl with gold and silver tones, this attractive, discreet pendant has the button on the underside.

Sold as an add-on to our standard PERS alarm.

Blue Pendant


Have fun with your medical alarm and choose a vibrant blue coloured pendant instead of the traditional black.

Sold as an add-on to our standard PERS alarm.

Wrist Strap


An alternative to the traditional pendant worn around the neck. The rubber wrist strap comes in black or pink.

Sold as an add-on to our standard PERS alarm.

Flood/Water Leakage Detector


The Water Leakage and Flood Detector is designed for high-risk areas such as basements, or near air conditioners, washing machines, sinks, bathrooms and the like.

Smoke Detector


The SECURELY® 24/7 monitored Smoke Detector provides an extra level of protection.

Compare Medical Alarms

The SECURELY® enhanced medical alarm platform provides seamless indoor and outdoor monitoring combined with an emergency social alarm. Modular, flexible and able to be personalised for total independence and peace of mind.

  • End-user features
  • Emergency and panic buttons
  • Extra safety devices
  • Emergency Voice Activation with IVA™
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  • Outdoor monitoring
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  • Configurable voice alerts
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  • Extreme temperature monitoring
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  • Two-way voice interaction
  • Long backup battery life
  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Self-installation option (DIY)
  • Fall detection
  • Daily activity reports
  • Optional camera detector
  • Inactivity detection
  • Family/Caregiver monitoring
  • Customised rules engine
  • Multi-resident monitoring
  • Personalised pattern analysis
  • Alerts for abnormal behaviour

  • PERS+

  • Family

  • PRO

  • Service Providers
  • Cellular communications
  • Administrator tools
  • Remote software update
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  • Integration with monitoring software
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  • Smart device apps for professional caregivers

  • PERS+

  • Family

  • PRO