FORESITE is a proactive health & predictive falls management system that is clinically proven. It has the ability to revolutionise healthcare in NZ and change our thinking from reactive to proactive. 

“FORESITE can give families peace of mind that their loved one is being cared for – even better than with 1:1 care” 

(Cathy Krege, Director of Clinical Services & Compliance, Provision Living Senior Communities) 

Foresite will:

  • Alert to a fall risk 3 weeks before a potential fall with 85% accuracy
  • Alert for health decline up to 40 days prior to hospitalisation for UTI, pneumonia, congestive heart failure, delirium, low blood sugar, depression and more
  • Improve length of stay in rest home facility


Clinical research listed below

How does it work?

Foresite combines passive wireless sensors, depth sensors, and under-bed sensors with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Foresite alerts clinicians & carers to changes in a person’s walking speed, gait, TUG (timed up & go), restlessness, heart & respiratory rate. Alerts can be used proactively to prevent falls & a deterioration in health.

The sensors constantly collect data that can “tell a story” and alert when changes have been detected.


Practical uses

Foresite can be used to predict functional decline in seniors, including cognitive changes, increased fall risk & acute conditions such as Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) or pneumonia.

If a fall does occur Foresite delivers an immediate alert to carers.

The HIPAA compliant video can be used to identify how the fall happened. This is more reliable than asking a potentially confused or hurt person how the fall occurred.

The video below is an example of an alert that is sent to carers after a fall is detected. It can be rewound and replayed to enable clinicians to determine how the fall occurred. It shows the date and time the fall occurred as well as an anonymised outline of a person falling.

How it can help your resthome and residents

Foresite has a proven record in America of improving occupancy, reducing hospitalisations, reducing falls and freeing up staff for other duties.

Families may require less updates on their family member as they know they are receiving exellent care with constant monitoring. Foresite can be a point of difference  in your Village for families looking for an extra level of care.


Resident summaries can be helpful to see “at a glance” how the resident is faring

Protection of personal data

All personal data collected by SECURELY (or any organisation using  technology supplied by SECURELY) must comply with the NZ Health Information Privacy Code and the Privacy Act. 


If you’d like more information about Foresite please contact:

Mark Smith, SECURELY General Manager, 027 754 8899