Getting A GO Medical Alarm

Follow these steps to get and use your GO mobile medical alarm.


Call us on 0800 865 865, fill out our contact form or email us at and we can  start the process to get your GO  sent to you.

Once you make contact we’ll take you through our agreement and if you’re ready to proceed we can complete any paperwork such as bank details and contact details then and there.

Or, if you need time to think about it, we can post you more information about GO along with the Service Application paperwork which includes a Direct Debit form.

We will also ask you how you want us to respond in an activation – things like, who do we call to let them know we have called emergency services  – and any other action you want us to take. This is called our “Emergency Response” and we refer to this any time we receive an emergency activation.

We can fill all the paperwork out for you and courier it to you (along with a return courier bag) to sign and return.


When we receive your signed Service Application paperwork we will create your individual profile and Emergency Response plan and courier GO to you.


Once you have received GO we recommend that you call us on 0800 865 865 during normal business hours so we can help set up your GO. Part of the setup process for GO involves activating it to ensure we receive the test.  While you’re on the phone with us, we will also check you are comfortable with other features, like being able to cancel an alarm, and answer any other questions you have.



In the event you need to activate your GO we will first try and talk with you through the 2-way communication feature and to find out if you’re OK. If we get no response we will call your emergency contacts.

We will work to locate you through GPS coordinates and send them to emergency services.

If we don’t get GPS coordinates from your pendant (eg if there is insufficient coverage to accurately locate you) the Police will be notified and respond to your last known location.

Remember to put your pendant on the charging pad after each activation.



We will invoice you monthly. If there’s a problem or you have any concerns call us on 0800 865 865 during business hours so our Customer Care team can answer them for you.



We encourage everyone to test their pendant each month. There’s a few reasons for this – it confirms your alarm is working properly with good signal strength, it gives us the chance to update any contact details if they’ve changed and it gives you confidence in activating your alarm.



If you have needed an ambulance as a result of an emergency, where you have been transported to hospital,  we pay as that’s part of our service. *

When you receive your invoice send it to us so we can pay it. You can do this by:

  • scanning the invoice and emailing it to
  • attach invoice as a file to the enquiry form on the Contact Page
  • photographing it and emailing it to
  • or do it the old fashioned by posting it to Freepost 120011, PO Box 947, Tauranga 3140


*This only applies to those who live in their own homes and not in residential care (Village).