Getting An Alarm

Follow these steps to find out how to get an alarm.


Call us on 0800 865 865 or email us at and we can chat with you about what you need and what is the best solution for you. Remember, there’s no obligation to get an alarm even if we visit you at home and demonstrate our products. Take us much time as you need. We also encourage you to have family or a friend with you during any presentation
A SECURELY sales rep does an in-home visit


We will arrange a time to visit you at home so we can show you the product, demonstrate how it works and let you know the steps to applying for funding from WINZ or ACC. We cannot get involved in the funding process but we can tell you how the process works and what form you will need to give your GP
A SECURLEY® In-Home medical alarm base unit being tested


If you are not applying for funding we can install the medical alarm for you during that visit if you wish. We will ask you to fill out a direct debit form while we are there



If you are applying for funding, we will wait to hear from you about whether you have been successful and when you would like us to install your alarm for you. If you receive funding, WINZ or ACC will put the money into your account and you pay us either weekly or fortnightly via direct debit
SECURELY staff show a customer how to use a medical alarm


After the alarm is installed, we will show you how to activate your alarm, how to reset it and we will carry out a test throughout your property to ensure it works properly and activates when you press the pendant



We will invoice you fortnightly. If there’s a problem or you have any concerns call us on 0800 865 865 during business hours



We encourage everyone to test their pendant each month. There’s a few reasons for this – we can test your alarm is working properly with good signal strength, it gives us the chance to update your contact details if they’ve changed and it gives you confidence in activating your alarm


A SECURELY Monitoring Operator at his desk


If your pendant needs a new battery an alert is sent to the Monitoring Call Centre. We will send you a replacement pendant via courier. Once it’s arrived we will call you and talk you through any adjustments that need to be made


If you have needed an ambulance for an emergency after using your alarm, we pay for it, regardless of how many times you’ve needed one in the past. This only applies to those who live in their own homes and not in residential care (Village). When you receive your invoice send it to us so we can pay it.  You can do this by:

  • -scanning the invoice and emailing it to
  • -attach invoice as a file to the enquiry form on the Contact Page
  • -photographing it and sending it to
  • -or do it the old fashioned by by posting it to Freepost 120011, PO Box 947, Tauranga 3140