First 30 days are FREE if you get GO before Christmas Day 2021. We can arrange everything over the phone and courier GO out to you so you can live life to its fullest wherever you may travel*

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*GO uses the cellular network and satellites to communicate and tell us your location- so if you have cellphone coverage you are good to GO


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Key Features:

• GO contract is month-by-month

• 24/7 Monitoring included in monthly fee

• No upfront costs or hidden fees

• Long battery life

• Fall Detection option at no extra charge

• Contactless delivery

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Includes 24/7 Monitoring

The cost per month is $85.00 incl GST

Costs include servicing and repair of hardware faults. GO comes with a 12 month warranty. Once order is completed we will courier your GO to your home address and help you get set up over the phone, making the process easy for you and contactless.

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*Please note that MSD funding (WINZ/ACC) is not available for this product