GO Mobile Medical Alarm

 GO contract is month-by-month • 24/7 Monitoring included in service fee • No upfront costs or hidden fees • Long battery life • Fall Detection option • Contactless delivery

How does GO work?

GO works using the cellular network and global positioning system (GPS) technology.

When you activate the pendant we can tell where you are and summon help.  We can talk to you via the microphone and speaker built into  the pendant and let you know we have received your alarm, and check if you’re OK.

You will be connected to our 24/7 Monitoring Centre, and while we’re working on getting you help, if you want us to, we can also let your family know what’s happening.

We’ll keep in contact with you until help arrives.

*Subject to availability


The GO pendant is compact, lightweight and impact resistant. GO is equipped with a help button, handsfree microphone and speaker, GPS location, and optional fall detection.

Water Resistant: You can be confident that GO will operate no matter the weather due to its IP67 rating. This allows it to be used safely in the shower and bathroom also.

Fall Detection: Fall detection technology can be enabled allowing GO to detect falls, subsequent impact, and periods of no movement.

2-way Communications: GO has a built-in microphone and speaker  that allows communication between you and our monitoring operator in the event of an emergency.

GPS location: When GO is activated an alert is sent to our 24/7 monitoring team, closely followed by GPS co-ordinates, so we can let emergency services know where to find you.

Voice Messages and Visual Feedback: GO emits a range of voice messages that update you on the status of your GO. Visual feedback is also provided via the multi-coloured lights that illuminate around the outer edge of the GO pendant.

Pendant or keyring: GO is equipped with a hypoallergenic chain and split ring, so it can be worn around your neck as a pendant, fixed to a belt, or added to a key ring.

Get GO today

Includes 24/7 Monitoring

The cost per month is $85.00 incl GST.

Costs include servicing and repair of hardware faults. GO comes with a 12 month warranty. Once order is completed we will courier your GO to your home address and help you get set up over the phone, making the process easy for you and contactless.

The process for getting your GO can be found here.  

*Please note that MSD funding is not available for this product

** Subject to availability