GO Anywhere Alarms

Get moving with GO 


GO is a mobile personal help device with cellular and global positioning system (GPS) technology. It can be used in the home or anywhere there is cellular coverage.

This medical alarm pendant is mobile and let’s you feel safe anywhere there’s cellphone coverage.  We’ve searched to find a mobile medical alarm pendant that has superior battery life, the easiest charging station, as well as all the other features you’d expect with a medical alarm. Another consideration for us when choosing this product was it’s affordability.


Who would use GO? 


The GO device is ideally suited for:

Travel. The long-life battery (1-2 months) is unique to this product. It means that you can travel knowing that you don’t have to continually charge your device but can just pick it up and GO

Those with arthritis – squeezing the button is easy and a natural movement with two fingers as opposed to a push button

Those in wheelchairs or with mobility issues – the fall detector enables an automatic alert for those unsteady on their feet and at risk of falling and wheelchairs that may tip

Active seniors who play sport or other activity where they need a lightweight and robust device that can withstand a bit of rough play

Any environment such as a hot car/campervan or shower where the temperature can rise quickly

People who don’t want to wear the GO device as a pendant, there is a key-chain option.

Key Features 


GO is a compact, impact resistant, lightweight device 67 x 47 x 13.5 mm weighing only 33 grams. Its main features include:

  • Fall detection
  • Button to call for help
  • A handsfree speakerphone system with 2-way communication between the customer and the monitoring operator
  • GPS location helps find the customer in the event of an activation
  • An hypoallergenic chain and split ring, so it can be worn around the neck as a pendant, fixed to a belt, or added to a key ring
  • Environment ratings are 00 to 500C
  • IP67 and hot waterproof for use the shower, bath or in any weather.



Why GO? 


GO is a unique solution designed, built, and supported in New Zealand to meet NZ standards, including the TSANZ Personal Emergency Response specifications. It is a sturdy design that will meet the needs of various age groups.

GO has a range a voice messages and lights to ensure ease of use, especially important for those with a disability.

GO has a long-life battery lasting 1-2 months between charging using the intelligent charging pad. Unlike some Mobile PERS devices that need to be placed into a dock correctly to make electrical contact for charging, the GO charging is contactless.

The GO is placed on the charger pad and the ring will turn blue. Once charged, the ring light will change to Green and the GO can be removed from the charge pad. The charging pad is a key usability improvement over devices that require a fixed docking station, plugs and/ or electrical contacts.