Get moving with GO 

GO is a mobile personal help device with cellular and global positioning system (GPS) technology.

It can be used in the home or anywhere there is cellular coverage.

This medical alarm pendant is mobile and lets you feel safe anywhere there’s cellphone coverage. It uses GPS to tell us your location in the event of an emergency so we can get help on its way. It’s available in grey and can be worn as a pendant or attached to your key ring. Fall detection is optional. The pendant comes with a charging pad and keyring option.


Key Features 

The GO pendant is compact, lightweight and impact resistant. GO is equipped with a help button, handsfree speakerphone system, GPS location, and optional fall detection.

GO’s main features include:

  • Water Resistant: You can be confident that GO will operate no matter the weather due to its IP67 rating. This allows it to be used safely in the shower and bathroom also
  • Fall Detection: Sophisticated fall detection technology can be enabled allowing GO to detect significant falls, subsequent impact, and periods of no movement
  • 2-way Speaker: GO has a built-in, handsfree speakerphone system that allows communication between the customer and the monitoring operator in the event of an emergency
  • GPS location: When GO is activated not only is an alert sent to monitoring, but this is followed by GPS co-ordinates being sent to SmartCare® Locate so our team can let emergency services know where to find you if necessary
  • Voice Messages and Visual Feedback: GO emits a range of voice messages that update users on the status of their GO. Visual feedback is also provided via the multi-coloured lights that illuminate around the outer edge of the GO pendant
  • Flexibility to Wear: GO is equipped with a hypoallergenic chain and split ring, so it can be worn around your neck as a pendant, fixed to a belt, or added to a key ring

Lease GO

Includes 24/7 Monitoring

The cost per month is $85.00 incl GST

Lease costs include servicing and repair. GO comes with a 12 month warranty.

*Please note that MSD funding is not available for this product

Why GO? 

GO is a unique solution designed, built, and supported in New Zealand to meet NZ standards, including the TSANZ Personal Emergency Response specifications. It is a sturdy design that will meet the needs of various age groups.

GO has a range a voice messages and lights to ensure ease of use, especially important for those with a disability.

GO has a long-life battery lasting 1-2 months between charging using the intelligent charging pad. Unlike some Mobile PERS devices that need to be placed into a dock correctly to make electrical contact for charging, the GO charging is contactless.

The GO is placed on the charger pad and the ring will turn blue. Once charged, the ring light will change to Green and the GO can be removed from the charge pad. The charging pad is a key usability improvement over devices that require a fixed docking station, plugs and/ or electrical contacts.