Questions & Answers

No. Only in-home medical alarms are available for Ministry of Social Development funding through WINZ or ACC.

You can take Go with you anywhere there is cellphone coverage. Take it with you when you travel, or walking the dog or shopping.  It has GPS location tracking so we can find you in the event of an emergency, provided you have cellphone coverage. 

When you squeeze the buttons (either side of the pendant) it sends an alert to our 24/7 Monitoring Centre.

GO has a built-in speakerphone system, so we can talk to you through a  two- way speaker in an emergency. we’ll ask you if it’s an emergency, what’s happened and where you are. GO can also uses GP to send us your location  coordindates. 

Go can be attached to your keyring if you don’t want to wear it as a pendant.

Go comes with a charging mat. All you need to do it lay the pendant on the charging mat and it will charge its battery. 

The battery lasts for around 2 months. It will send you a voice warning if the battery starts to get low. If the battery drops to less than 20% an alert is sent to our Monitoring Centre and we will contact you to let you know GO needs charging.

We have tried to think of every burning question you may have about our medical alarms.

If we’ve missed something on our Q&A list please contact us on 0800 865 865 or email and we will answer it for you.