Questions & Answers

No. Only in-home medical alarms are available for Ministry of Social Development funding through WINZ or ACC.

You can take GO with you anywhere there is cellphone coverage. Take it with you when you travel, walk the dog, or go shopping. We recommend taking GO with you every time you leave the house.

GO has GPS location tracking so we can find you in the event of an emergency; provided you have cellphone coverage. Cellular coverage may vary between providers.

To start an activation, press and hold both buttons on either side of your GO and an alert will be sent to our 24/7 Monitoring Centre.

GO has a built-in two-way speakerphone system so we can talk to you. We’ll ask you if it’s an emergency, what’s happened, and where you are.

GO also uses GPS to send us your location coordinates. 

GO can be attached to your keyring or clipped to your belt if you don’t want to wear it as a pendant.

GO comes with a charging pad. To charge your GO, plug the charging pad into power and lay the pendant on top of the charging pad with the ‘walking person’ symbol facing up.

The charging pad will light up blue when charging and change to green when fully charged. 

Your GO pendant will take approximately three to five (3-5) hours to charge from a flat battery.

Your GO pendant can warm up to 40-50˚C while charging.

Depending on use, your GO pendant battery will last for approximately two months. GO will send you a voice warning if the battery starts to get low.

If the battery drops to less than 20% an alert is sent to our Monitoring Centre and we will contact you to let you know GO needs charging.

No. The GO pendant will only track your location during an activation, or if lost for more than 72 hours.

If your GO pendant is not charging, follow the steps below to check everything is set up correctly.

If your GO is still not charging after following these steps, contact SECURELY on 0800 865 865 for assistance.

  • check that the cable is plugged into the back of the charging pad

  • check that the cable is plugged into a live power point and is switched on

  • try plugging the cable into a different power point

  • ensure the pendant is placed in the charging pad correctly with the ‘walking person’ symbol facing up

  • ensure the pendant chain is not sitting between the charger and the pendant

  • ensure the charger is not in direct sunlight (e.g., on a windowsill)

  • if your pendant is very flat, it may take an hour for any lights to show

GO will send GPS coordinates to monitoring when no movement has been detected after 72 hours.

If you cannot find your pendant contact SECURELY to check where your GO is located.

If monitoring cannot locate your GO a pendant replacement cost may apply.

The warranty period for GO is 12 months.

There are a few factors that can affect the accuracy of the GPS location, the most common are buildings and surrounding structures. GPS is best obtained when you have a line of sight to the satellites. If you send GPS locations from GO inside a building or in a city centre with tall buildings, this can affect the accuracy of the GPS report.

To enter flight mode, press and hold one button on either side of GO for 10 seconds until you hear the voice announcement, “Flight Mode enabled. All functions suspended until button press, or placed on a charger.”

To exit flight mode either perform a System Check, or place GO on a charger.

You can still send an alert for help when your GO pendant is in flight mode by performing any button press, System Check or activating an alert as usual.

No, GO will only function in the country is has been setup to operate in. It will only function on the installed SIM card and networks(s) it has been setup to use. Contact SECURELY® for specific SIM details.

We have tried to think of every burning question you may have about our GO medical alarm.

If we’ve missed something on our Q&A list please contact us on 0800 865 865 or email and we will answer it for you.