Medical Alarm FAQ’s

Can I get assistance through WINZ or ACC for a SECURELY® medical alarm?

Yes, you can by being assessed for government funding for your medical alarm.

Please see your GP for advice, or click here for more information

To visit the WINZ Medical Alarms page click here.

Will my medical alarm respond to my voice?

The alarm will not respond to your voice alone, you must press the HELP button on the base unit/control panel/alarm box or pendant. If you press your pendant you will be able to talk via the alarm with our staff.

If you have a Emergency Voice Activator with your SECURELY® alarm yes, by repeating the same phrase three times the alarm will be activated and help called.

Can I wear my pendant in the shower?

Absolutely. The pendants are shower proof and we encourage you to wear the pendant in the bathroom.

Can I expect after sales service to test my alarm?

If your pendant has not communicated with us in a while you will receive a call from us to test your pendant.We will also phone you to check-in once every six months to see how you are going, answer any questions and update any details for your emergency contacts, access details and medical details.