Smart Home & Security Alarms

Scroll down to read about how it all works – including Response Plans, how to get a new security alarm, how your alarm “talks” to our monitoring centre, equipment & prices and FAQ’s.

Getting a New Security Alarm

There are lots of ways to get in touch with us and arrange to have a security alarm installed or to arrange monitoring for your existing security alarm. Call us on 0800 904 904 or email us at

Primarily we are a 24/7 monitoring call centre for security and medical alarms.  We can monitor most modern alarm systems in your house or business. You have the ability to choose how we respond to any activation with your House, Commercial or Individual Response Plan.

We can also source, sell & install the alarm of your choice, whether you purchase it yourself or buy one of our systems. The important thing to remember when selecting a security system is whether it will be hard wired in (part of the house infrastructure) or wireless. Both have pros & cons regarding how the alarm communicates to us, making any changes in the future, signal strength and adding on extra devices such as high definition cameras or a pet lens.

These are all things we’ll discuss with you right at the start of the process.


You can choose to purchase an alarm yourself which we can install, service & monitor, or you can purchase one of our systems.

Monitoring prices depend on how you want us to respond to an alarm activation, for example, if you want a guard sent to every alarm activation this will incur a fee.

A full list of equipment & prices can be found in our shop.

Response Plans

When you choose to be monitored by us, we will ask you to fill out a Response Plan. You have the choice of a standard Response Plan for your home or business, or you can create your own Individual Response Plan. These are the instructions we follow if we receive an alarm activation.


We will only dispatch a guard if you have selected this option in your Response Plan.

The cost of each guard callout is $95 incl GST for all customers. Where possible we use Armourguard services.

Guards can be dispatched after the following activations:

  • Smoke
  • Burglary
  • Sensor Tampers
  • Unscheduled Openings
  • Late to Close

It is up to you when you’d like us to send out a Guard. You can choose to automatically dispatch a guard, request to be contacted by our monitoring team before dispatch, or include a “no-dispatch” instruction in your Response Plan.

You can view our standard Response Plans or create your own individual Response Plan by filling out the Response Plan form.

How Your Security Alarm Communicates to us

SECURELY® has several different monitoring paths available for security alarms ranging from the traditional copper phoneline, monitoring over the cellular network, and using your home internet connection.

Q & As

We have tried to think of every burning question you may have about security in our list of Q&As but if we’ve missed something please email and we will answer it for you.