Questions & Answers

No, as the SECURELY® Smart Home platform operates on its own secure proprietary network, this eliminates the risk of any hacking or security breaches.

SECURELY® has its own cameras available for exclusive use. They require a power supply and can be either hard wired back to the router via ethernet or set up to communicate using WiFi. No POE available.

Near your router as the hub should be plugged into an Ethernet port as to ensure two forms of communication, IP and GPRS (data sim card).

Yes, it is recommended to always have your securely connected to your modem/router. However, SECURELY® can be set up on GPRS alone, for places where the internet is not reliable/unavailable.

$499 inc GST, plus $25 inc GST per month for the self-monitoring connected Smart Home solution only, or $40 per month to have the 24/7 back up of our professional monitoring centre who will respond to your alarm activations and notification according to your desired response plan.

Yes, he probably will!  But most small animals will not cause a false activation. Cats climbing on furniture or tables, can sometimes cause false activations, as can insects and pet parrots. The Pet Lens will reduce the number of activations.

We have tried to think of every burning question you may have about security.

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