Security Alarm Systems


Your security alarm system can include indoor and outdoor high definition cameras, internal and external sirens, professional monitoring or self-monitoring using a smartphone APP, sensors, panic buttons and more.

Smart Home Base Kit


Get home security and total peace of mind with SECURELY® smart home systems. Control your home with your smart device via our easy-to-use Smart Home app. You set the smart rules and add what you need when you need it.

Alarm Monitoring


Our 24/7 flexible alarm monitoring comes with a personalised response plan in the event of an  alarm activation. We work closely with local security guards in the event of an activation, if it’s part of your response plan. You can choose to personalise your response plan or to follow our standard plan.

Response Plans


You will automatically be placed under our Standard Response Plan unless you choose to customise your own individual Response Plan. This gives you flexibility to decide how we respond after an activation.

Free 30-Minute Onsite Consultation


We can “scope and quote” your property for free* for a new security alarm installation and advise on the best solution for your property taking into account your location, site, the size of your property, wi-fi signal strength, and what it is you’re protecting.  Our service and installation technicians operate from Whanganui down to Wellington and including Taupo.

Ask us for a free 30- minute onsite consultation if you’re in Taupo, Whanganui, Palmerston North, Kapiti or Wellington regions by calling our monitoring team.


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SECURELY® Monitoring

Every minute is vital in a fire or burglary and the SECURELY® team will respond 24/7. We’re the professionals with more than 30 years experience and training in all the current safety protocols. We cover a variety of monitoring options including domestic, commercial and self-monitoring.

While self-monitoring is an option when using the SECURELY® Living package and Smart Home app, if you have a busy life you could miss an alarm activation. Why not rely on our professional monitoring team?

Your monitoring choices include:

  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Temporary holiday monitoring

Our monitoring reports can be easily accessed if insurance claims require them.

Monitoring Terms and Conditions

If you’d like to know more


If you’re looking to secure your business ask us about our commercial solutions. You have the choice of:

  • IP Monitoring
  • GPRS Monitoring
  • Monitoring Reports
  • Early to Open Monitoring
  • Late to Set Monitoring

Find out more about how SECURELY® products and solutions can enhance your business, every day.

Our monitoring reports can be easily accessed if insurance claims require them.

Monitoring Terms and Conditions

If you’d like to know more

Service and Technical Support

Our top of the line SECURELY® technicians are handpicked and trained to service and maintain all our products. We install, service, maintain and check and remedy any faults.

We also sell, service install and maintain fixed wired and home alarms from other suppliers, such as Arrowhead, Bosch, Das, DSC, Paradox, Micron and more.

When it comes to converting to fibre a GPRS box with a SIM card can be installed or alternatively an IP module using a cable. A WiFi bridge is also a good solution.

We recommend all wireless and wired alarms are serviced annually according to your insurance policy and if you are a public service provider more often.

Batteries need reviewing every three to four years.


Monitoring FAQ’s

Can the unit use existing wired sensors?

No, as the SECURELY® Smart Home platform operates on its own secure proprietary network, this eliminates the risk of any hacking or security breaches.

What type of cameras can be connected POE, wired or wireless?

SECURELY® has its own cameras available for exclusive use. They require a power supply and can be either hard wired back to the router via ethernet or set up to communicate using WiFi. No POE available.

Where does the unit get installed? In our existing box?

Near your router as the hub should be plugged into an Ethernet port as to ensure two forms of communication, IP and GPRS (data sim card).

Does alarm box get hard wired to modem?

Yes, it is recommended to always have your securely connected to your modem/router. However, SECURELY® can be set up on GPRS alone, for places where the internet is not reliable/unavailable.

What is IP Monitoring?

IP monitoring means your alarm system communicates with our monitoring centre via your internet.

What is GPRS Monitoring?

GPRS monitoring means your alarm system communicates with our monitoring centre via the cellular network.

What does the set-up Smart Home package cost?

$499 inc GST, plus $25 inc GST per month for the self-monitoring connected Smart Home solution only, or $40 per month to have the 24/7 back up of our professional monitoring centre who will respond to your alarm activations and notifications according to your desired response plan.

My dog is 32kg and often walks on his hind legs, will he trigger my alarm sensor?

Yes, he probably will! But most small animals will not cause a false activation. Cats climbing on furniture or tables, can sometimes cause false activations, as can insects and pet parrots. The Pet Lens will reduce the number of activations.