Village Medical Alarms

You can browse our entire range on our Pricing & Shop page, but please contact us directly about pricing as we can offer packages to suit your specific Village need.

Add-on services

You have the ability to on-sell the package of services to family members. This provides you with a revenue opportunity as well as providing greater peace of mind  for residents and their families. Below are some practical examples of how technology can be used to improve ageing in place.



If a resident is at risk of falling you can offer a Fall Detector Pendant which automatically detects if a fall has occurred and alerts the SECURELY® monitoring centre.  The FAMILY package alerts to  unexpected activity patterns such as a lack of movement around the unit.

Medical event

A medical alarm provides a way for the resident to call for help by pressing their pendant. Once the pendant is activated SECURELY® calls the resident, Village Manager and family.


For example, residents with early onset dementia are often unwilling to move into care. Our FAMILY alarm package lets family monitor the daily activities of a resident in real time so they can see for themselves they’re OK.

It may be as simple as installing door sensors of the front and back doors to provide early warning that a wandered has left their unit.  This reduces staff time searching for that resident while ensuring the resident is as safe as possible, while maintaining their independence.

Reducing social isolation

Another example how FAMILY can improve the life of a resident is by reducing social isolation. A door sensor will indicate how often the resident leaves the unit and how often they receive a visitor. A lack of social interaction may indicate the need for intervention.

24/7 Monitored smoke detectors 

Improve Village and personal safety with a 24/7 monitored smoke alarm. Useful for those that are starting to be forgetful and as a point of difference from other Villages.