SECURELY® 24/7 Monitoring


Every minute is vital in a fire or burglary and the SECURELY® monitoring team will respond 24/7. We’re the professionals with more than 30 years’ experience and training in all the current safety protocols. We cover a variety of monitoring options including domestic, commercial and self-monitoring.

While self-monitoring is an option when using the SECURELY® Living package and Smart Home app, if you have a busy life you could miss an alarm activation. Why not rely on our professional monitoring team?

Our monitoring reports can be easily accessed if insurance claims require them.

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Choose how we respond to your alarm activations


You will automatically be placed under our Standard Response Plan unless you choose to customise your own individualised Response Plan. This gives you flexibility to decide how our 24/7 monitoring team respond after an activation.

If you’re going away on holiday you may want us to temporarily change the way we respond to any activation. You can do this by filling out a Temporary Response Plan form and letting us know what time period you want the temporary changes to be for.

You can view or change your response plan here