Medical Alarm Monitoring

22.5 seconds

Average Response Time to an alarm activation in February 23


SECURELY Medical Alarm high priority activations in February 23

black and white icon of an ambulance


SECURELY customers transported in an ambulance in February 23

Medical Alarm Monitoring


We provide medical alarm monitoring for a wide range of systems. Our Monitoring Centre in Levin is always open. Every day of the year, 24/7.  Our sole job is to be there for you when you need us. We’ll stay on the line with you until help arrives and we’ll let emergency services know how they can access your property using the spare key in your lock box.  If you ever need an ambulance in an emergency, after activating your medical alarm, we’ll pay for it and there’s no limit to how many times you can claim the cost of an ambulance back. This only applies to those who live in their own home, and does not apply to those in residential care (Villages).

We also have a Customer Care team based in Tauranga who will look after you if you need replacement equipment, a new battery, or to answer a question. They can be contacted on 0800 865 865 during normal business hours.

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