Village Monitoring

How Can We Help You

Every Village has its own requirements depending on its mix of individual living units, residential care, hospital and dementia units. Whether your Village is part of a national chain or independent we can put together a tailored solution to suit your needs.

We can provide medical alarms, fall detector pendants, door & window sensors, fridge sensors, flood detector & smoke detectors.

You choose how you want us to respond to an activation, depending on the level of service you require, and what your residents have asked for.  We will work within your Village Response Plan as to how we respond to an activation. All of our alarms (including flood & smoke detectors) are monitored 24/7 and your Response Plan will let us know whether you want us to alert emergency services in the first instance or contact the Village Manager.

Village Security

As well as medical alarms we can also take care of your security needs with cameras, sensors & 24/7 monitoring.  We can monitor your existing alarms or upgrade if needed.

North Island

Bronnie Taylor

Business Partnership Manager

Phone: 0800 865 865

South Island 

Steve O’Brien

Business Partnership Manager

Phone: 0800 865 865