How can we help you 

Every Village has its own requirements depending on its mix of individual living units, residential care, hospital and dementia units. Whether your Village is part of a national chain or independent we can put together a tailored solution to suit your needs.

We can provide medical alarms, fall detector pendants, door & window sensors, fridge sensors, flood detector & smoke detectors.

As well as medical alarms we can also take care of your security needs with cameras, sensors & 24/7 monitoring. We can monitor your existing alarms or upgrade if needed.

Village add-on services

You have the ability to on-sell the package of services to family members. This provides you with a revenue opportunity as well as providing greater peace of mind  for residents and their families.

Our alarms keep up with changing health needs

Residents are on a journey and our alarm systems are designed to grow with them. As a resident’s health begins to deteriorate we can widen the safety net to improve safety and monitoring.

This is a point of difference you can offer residents and their families.

For example if a resident is at risk of falling we can add the Fall Detector Pendant to a basic medical alarm. This pendant is monitored 24/7  and is not reliant on the resident activating it by pressing a button. This will reduce the amount of time the resident is on the ground alone, potentially affecting recovery time.

Some residents may benefit from a more advanced alarm system called FAMILY that capture daily activities using discreet sensors (not cameras) that let family members and carers see that the resident us moving around, using the bathroom & kitchen. It can also provide early warning that health may be deteriorating, i.e. excess bathroom visits.

Minimising costs to Village & resident while providing the best care

We recognise that maintaining residents weekly fees is a consideration for all Village Managers and that passing on costs to residents is challenging.

Choosing SECURELY® will offer your residents:

  • One provider that can do everything you need and adapt to changing health needs
  • Competitive costing means you don’t have to deal with multiple providers to meet different needs
  • Our alarms are not hard-wired making the installation of new alarms in old units or new builds as easy as plugging in the unit. No extra cabling or hard wiring  is required – not even for our most advances system using Artificial Intelligence. Our sensors are placed on walls using tape that can be removed and run off batteries.
  • 24/7 Monitoring Centre that is professional & caring & happy to do welfare checks as required