Fall Detection

Fall Detector Pendant

The Fall Detector Pendant automatically detects a fall and sends an alert to SECURELY®‘s 24/7 Monitoring Centre.

It detects a change in acceleration brought about by a fall. Some epileptic seizures have a jerking motion that can also activate the Fall Detection feature.

The Fall Detector Pendant also has a push button alarm which you activate if you are able to.

The battery life of a Fall Detector Pendant is up to 2 years. If your battery runs low an alert is sent to our Monitoring Centre. We will at no charge send a replacement pendant out to you.

Like all of our pendants the Fall Detector pendant is waterproof and we recommend that you never take it off, not even when you shower, as bathrooms are high-risk areas for falls.

The Fall Detector Pendant costs an additional $15.00 on top of your medical alarm cost. This price includes GST, set up and the lease of the equipment.

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