Technical Support

Changes to Landlines Affecting Security Alarms

If your security system operates from a landline, changes Spark are making will affect you. Spark is retiring its Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) system and replacing it with new technology. The underlying service won’ t change but the way it communicates will.

If you think you are affected by this change – please don’t delay – email us or call our team on 0800 904 904 between 8.30am -5pm.

Technical Support for Medical Alarms  

We don’t sell medical alarms with a high upfront cost, but lease them to you instead. The cost of the lease is included in the overall monthly fee.

It also includes servicing, replacing batteries & replacing the entire unit & pendant if anything goes wrong. The monthly cost also covers 24/7 monitoring and unlimited ambulance callouts in an emergency. There are no hidden fees and no long contract terms.

We invoice month by month and cancellation is 30 days.

You can contact us by calling 0800 865 865 or email us at

Technical Support for Security Alarms

Our top of the line SECURELY® technicians are handpicked and trained to service and maintain all our products. We install, service, maintain and check and remedy any faults.

We also sell, service, install and maintain fixed wired and home alarms from other suppliers, such as Arrowhead, Bosch, Das, DSC, Paradox, Micron and more.

When it comes to converting to fibre a GPRS box with a SIM card can be installed or alternatively an IP module using a cable. A WiFi bridge is also a good solution.

We recommend all wireless and wired alarms are serviced annually according to your insurance policy and if you are a public service provider more often.

Batteries need reviewing every three to four years.

Technical Support Cost 

There are lots of ways to contact us for a free no obligation quote and in home demonstration of our products. You can call us on 0800 904 904 or email us at or fill out the enquiry form on the Contact Us page on our website.