Medical Alarms

Getting An Alarm

There are lots of ways to contact us for a free no obligation quote and in-home demonstration of our products. You can call us on 0800 865 865 or email us at or fill out the Contact Us page on our website.  Click the Learn More button below to read the process of getting an alarm.

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All prices include:

  • the lease of the equipment including GST
  • free installation for residential customers
  •  24/7 monitoring,
  • unlimited free ambulances if the pendant is activated in an emergency for residential customers
  • servicing for residential customers
  • battery replacement
  • replacement of faulty equipment including courier and technician fees


We are accredited to supply medical alarms by the Ministry of Social Development (MSD). This means that we are one of a handful of companies in NZ that can provide you with a medical alarm that is  approved & able to be funded via the Disability Allowance (WINZ) or ACC.

Let us point you to the right place to see how to apply and find out if funding for a medical alarm is available.

How Our Alarms Communicate 

The majority of our in-home medical alarms connect over the mobile network to our Monitoring Centre.  This does require consistent mobile signal coverage at your house and we test this when we install your system to be certain everything is OK.  If the mobile signal is not strong enough, we will discuss this with you and install an alarm unit that connects to us using your home telephone line.

All our alarm base units have a battery backup for times when there is a power cut at your home, and while our alarm will let our Monitoring Centre know that the power is out at your place, you can be confident to know that you can still use your alarm during a power cut.  Your pendant and other devices, like motion sensors, all work off batteries and connect to our Monitoring Centre through the alarm Main Unit so are not effected by power outages either.

If you have an existing alarm and are not sure which type you have or you have been told that your home telephone line is changing, call on 0800 865 865 so we can help.

Questions & Answers

We have tried to think of every burning question you may have about our medical alarms. If we’ve missed something on our Q&A list please contact us on 0800 865 865 or email and we will answer it for you.


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