The Fly Buys Package

Offer details

The Fly Buys package will include the following Smart Home & Security items:

  • 1 x Smart Hub
  • 1 x Passive infra-red Sensor
  • 1 x Internal Siren
  • 1 x Remote
  • 1 x Camera Detector
  • 1 x Smoke Alarm

Monthly subscription

  • $25.00 inc GST Self monitoring
  • $40.00 inc GST Professional monitoring


Offer period

  • Thursday 14 November 2019 to Friday 7th December 2019

Offer Terms and Conditions

  • Only 300 packages available
  • Discount only applies to the Fly Buys package, additional products sold at the standard price.
  • All SECURELY® standard product T&C’s
  • Customers must select either Self or Professional monitoring
  • Self Monitoring subscription costs $25 per month. Minimum 3 month subscription period applies. Professional Monitoring subscription costs $40 per month. Minimum 6 month subscription period applies.

Normally $919

Fly Buys offer $599

Saving 35{fc69283306de9ed1444ddddbfa4eadc3fa112a003ad2e110031811a2dcf93b47}

Monitoring FAQ’s

Why does it cost $25 dollars a month to self-monitor my alarm?

The $25 a month for non-monitored covers a fully supported and serviced SECURELY® Smart Home Application. Most “free” applications do not have this kind of backing, it also provides you with live cloud updates. Traditional alarm upgrades require hardware and a technician to come and install and reprogram the alarm on site. Our $25 per month fee also covers the cost of the data used on the sim card supplied and maintained by us to ensure continuation.

Can I have temporary monitoring to cover my home and business when I’m away?

Yes. If you self-monitor your SECURELY® alarm but want us to respond to alarm notifications and activations while you are away for work or on an overseas holiday just let us know in advance. We can remotely switch your system to become professionally monitored, allowing you one less thing to worry about. The minimum term is one month, on a month by month basis. Subscription increases to $40 in GST per month while professional monitoring is in place.

Can SECURELY® monitor other standard alarms?

Yes. But as every alarm is programed differently and may require a connection to a live copper telephone line or have an alarm communicator installed and programmed to communicate activations and events to our monitoring center. Prices will differ depending on what is required to get your alarm communicating to our center. You will likely require an alarm technician to program your alarm panel and/or install a communicator, please ensure you advise us at least a month in advance so we can ensure there is time to provide you the best solution.

Will I need a technician to come and service my SECURELY® platform?

No. SECURELY® is always improving its products, platform and services. Your SECURELY® hub will automatically receive and download remote upgrades from the secure server when there is a new version available. There is no need for an expensive alarm technician and additional devices. We also have the ability to view the back end of your SECURELY® platform so we can understand and diagnose platform/performance issues if they arise.

Service and Technical Support

Our top of the line SECURELY® technicians are handpicked and trained to service and maintain all our products. We install, service, maintain and check and remedy any faults.

We also sell, service install and maintain fixed wired and home alarms from other suppliers, such as Arrowhead, Bosch, Das, DSC, Paradox, Micron and more.

When it comes to converting to fibre a GPRS box with a SIM card can be installed or alternatively an IP module using a cable. A WiFi bridge is also a good solution.

We recommend all wireless and wired alarms are serviced annually according to your insurance policy and if you are a public service provider more often.

Batteries need reviewing every three to four years.