How we’ve been able to help our customers who are living with Epilepsy

“Thankyou SECURELY®…you saved my life & this Fall Detector Pendant has given me my life & independence back”

Richelle Boyd- Hamilton

Richelle rang us in October 2020 with a harrowing story. At only 47 years old she was facing life in a retirement village after a Grand Mal seizure nearly claimed her life. Hospital staff told her it wasn’t safe for her to continue to live alone and she would have to go into care.
We issued Richelle with a medical alarm and a fall detector pendant which gave her the 24/7 monitoring she needed to remain independent at home. We didn’t hear from Richelle for four weeks when we received a tearful phone call telling us her pendant had saved her life and thanking SECURELY®. During a seizure she had choked on her own vomit and according to emergency staff was within minutes of dying. The jerking of the seizures activated the pendant without her having to do anything. Our monitoring call operator could hear Richelle choking in the background and stayed on the line with her, reassuring her that help was on the way.
When Richelle woke up in hospital eight hours later, disorientated,  she was told how close to death she had come.

Sam gives a thumbs up while wearing his fall detector pendant

(Mum) Linda says Sam’s Fall Detector Pendant and medical alarm is central to the wrap-around care which enables Sam to remain independent & alone in his own home.

Sam McClune-Hamilton

When you think of who needs a medical alarm, a spritely 21-year-old probably doesn’t come to mind first. One of our customers, Sam Mc Clune from Hamilton, has autism, epilepsy and is susceptible to seizures. His mum, Linda, says it’s important for herself as well as Sam that he can continue to live independently in his own home.
Linda says Sam has caregivers that come in for a few hours every day, but she was concerned about what happened to Sam when he was alone. Linda has installed a medical alarm with a fall detector pendant as well as security cameras. She says if the pendant activates and she receives a call from our monitoring centre while she’s at work she jumps onto the camera app to see how bad it is so she can make a decision about what to do.

You can learn more about Epilepsy by visiting the Epilepsy NZ website here