How we’ve been able to help our customers who have suffered from a stroke

Dr Clem says the PRO made an enormous difference to his family, changing them from “exhausted caregivers to loving children”

Dr Clem

A Rotorua based GP installed the PRO system in his mum’s house after she had a stroke. Dr Clem said that before they installed the system one of the family would have to be with mum all the time, and at the expense of their own families. He said being able to discreetly monitor his mum’s activities via the PRO app and see she was moving around, changed the family dynamic from “exhausted caregivers” to “loving children”. Dr Clem said he really appreciated getting the “awake and well” text message every morning after his mum got out of bed and activated the sensors.

You can learn more about how to recognize the signs of a stroke by visiting the Stroke Foundation NZ website here

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